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Some of my latest works~!


Aha, an interesting take on Elizabeth. It's cool to see her in this slightly more gothic-style expression. Makes it kinda refreshing an...

Hard to describe in a paragraph just how wonderful this looks. Focus and contrast on main character is great, lighting is excellent and...


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Not telling :>
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

I'm a 20-year old guy and I'm a self-taught digital artist. My style is a manga-ish semi realistic combo that mixes the appeal and charm of both to create cute/sexy pieces :)

I started doing digital art on the 24th May 2015 when my dad got me my first Wacom. Previously, all I did was pencil sketches of manga characters and a few incomplete mangas myself. My true passion however, was to create concept art particularly involving characters and character design.

Ever since picking up my drawing pad however, I could never put it down. I steadily worked myself to the bone from the day I received it until I am where I am today.



Custom-Made HD Quality Works
Custom works, custom pricing. Prices may vary depending on subject, complexity and overall quality. Prices may range as low as 30$ but regularly I produce works from 50$ to 70$ (As shown above)



Got tagged by Jimnotaco to complete this questionare. Screw you Bishi XD

1. Think about one political issue that's been happening recently in your country then tHROW IT IN THE TRAAAASSH cuz im here to ask you what's your favorite fruit proot :0

Uhuh, I like mangoes.

2. B-but if u want to rant about that go ahead ;v;


3. What's the most favorite piece you've done so far and why?

Nier Automata. Because 2B

4. What about your least favorite piece and huwai ;v;

My first piece. Because it looks like shit.

5. I slap you >:0 what will you do HUUHH?? HUUHHHH??

Nothing. Your arm doesn't reach a continent away.

6. Im sorry plz forgive me


7. What do you prefer, guy anatomy, girl anatomy, or animal anatomy?

Girl, because boobs.

8. If you had one super power, you'd've probably been locked up by now and dissected in the name of science and human advancement. Yep.


9. Give me a tongue twister that you cant ever pronounce


10. My favorite color is blue, now think of a reason wHY I SHOULD HATE IT AND FIGHT ME--

Because it's the color of my face after I drown so I don't need to fight you.

11. Ip aye tok to u in ah pilipino aksent in ingles, wod u anderrstand mi?


12. What language would you want to learn? Great, now say something funny in that language using google translate ofc

Watashiwa Jueru-desu. Kimiwa?

13. Complete the sentence: He's just a poor boy--

Who found out he had girl parts. Whoops.


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